Take a deeper Look


Look beneath, the pretty pictures, the beautiful quotes, the aspirations and seeming altruistic behaviour of people. Observe them and look for queues of what they are trying to hide. Which doesn´t mean that you shouldn´t trust people, but just sharpen your intuition so you can avoid getting tricked or mislead. Its also not a pessimistic approach to people, not at all. If anything, I invite you to look at people and try to see them how they really are. Not what they want to portray, not what you want them to be.

I had a little difference with someone today, who is similar to me in some psychological traits, especially neuroticism.
After the emotions cooled down, i reflected on the situation and got a much clearer read on myself:

I often used to feel inferior and powerless in front of people. So I compensated this, by either becoming passive aggressive, or using any trick or behaviour to get what I want without openly expressing my needs. Its a very egocentrical behaviour. But I would never do this openly, because I never wanted to be “the opressor”. Hm I think i could label it also as “fake altruism”, acting like you don´t need anything, but deep down feeling a great deficiancy. So my behaviour became really calculated at times and manipulative, desperate at times to get my needs met. I wanted certain things to happen, but didnt take action openly.
And of course beeing in this situation I wasn´t aware at all about my behaviour.
I felt rather powerless and more like a victim, not in control of my destiny.

Remember: I tricked even myself completly. And I managed to trick a lot of people even some with good intuiton.

So you can see, that most people act out of unconscious needs that weren´t met. Some manipulate consciously, others unconsciously and it definetely not always out of evil intent.

Take a deeper look, not everything is what it seems!

What are your experiences with this matter?

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