Making Plans…

Today happened a lot, i watched a lot of videos about filmmaking, camera comparisons, looked stuff up. And it actually made the landscape of entry level cameras a little more clearer, one could say I managed to adjusted my focus a little bit 😛
And as I am writing this, it becomes clear, what i want to do in the future.
I want to travel via workaway, so i can travel, without having to worry about a job in a sense of working professionaly in a trained job for a company. This allows me to engage with the tasks at hand. I want to get to know lots of different peoples, learn and practice different activities, learn about their culture their storys and help them with what i can. I can teach them Feldenkrais, i can make videos for them and write articles to promote whatever they are doing. I also don´t mind working on a farm and just doing some physical labour enjoying the local life 🙂
It will be so good for me to not worry about my job/carrer choice and stop pondering. I can practice the things I like and just learn, learn, learn. After all thats the only thing I am here for.
2019 will become my greatest and richest year yet, i can smell it!

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