Why you should start looking ahead

Remember the time when you couldn´t wait to get to bed, because you were awaiting the nex morning so bad?

You probably were very young. At least i was missing this feeling for a long time, and i am continiuing to connect more and more dots regarding this topic.

I started looking back and sideways a long time ago and just now i am learning to look ahead again and it feels great. By feeling great i mean my general mood and state of mind, not my daily constitution.

But what does it even mean to look ahead and why is it harder then the rest?

Looking ahead also means looking the difficulties of life in the eye. Its not that people who do, aren´t scared, they just move forward regardless.

And i realised that you move in the direction you are looking, so by looking to the side i mean you are looking for distraction, because you don´t want to look at whats ahead of you. And while everyone needs some distraction once in a while, its dangerous if avoidence becomes a restraint.

But back to me, i spent most of my time looking back, and of course to the side as well 😛
When looking back, its almost impossible to move forward at the same time. Sure you can learn a lot by looking back, thats also where understanding happens. But then again if you are trapped in your past and induldge yourself in feelings of regret, it can get overwhelming. Its also the hardest sometimes because you need a 180º turn.

How did my perspective change? I think the biggest role plays my good friend Wolfgang, as he is an entrepreneur and keeps looking forward. Where other people see problems and stop moving, he only sees solutions. Of course he sees the problem or difficulty, but his mind is always focused on moving forward. Even if its though and things go to shit, he keeps going to find a way, because its deadclear to him: that there is no alternative!


Its tried and true that if you are looking for change, you shall surround yourself with people who posess the traits you also aspire to build for yourself.
I am thankful and feel lucky for beeing able to learn from someone like him.


I wish ya´ll a fabulous weekend, and thanks for reading!



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