Money vs. Passion |My thoughts on this prominent disconnect (short read)

You can´t have both, passion won´t earn you any money.

If you are pursuing your passion, attempted to do so, or even if you didn´t, you sure came across these or similar words.

And I don´t think there is anyone to blame for this widespread perception.
Like every other believe it didn´t just fall from the heaven and fell on our beloved earth, just to crush the dreams of all the artistic and entrepreneurial people trying to pursue their dreams.

It came from somewhere. Most people fail at making their passion also their source of income. There seem to be endless reasons behind it.

In my opinion the most prominent ones are:

  • You are scared of:
    • Other peoples opinions
    • Of beeing great (thats an actual fear, we´re used to think we´re small)
    • Failing (this is a really big one as well)
    • Countless more, but basically FEARS


  • Doing the right thing for the wrong reasons
    • For an example you are writing and you are good at it, but you only do it in order to be loved, or you only want money out of it and not because you want to share your thoughts with the world. Your intentention on any action determines the outcome drastically (primals source: selfawareness)


Basically, if you want to live a life, that differs from the norm, you have to become selfaware. Which means:

  • Audit who you are and what you want from live
  • Question common belief patterns
  • Take a step back and questshion if the path you are on right now, will lead you to where you want to get, if it doesn´t anymore, change course.
  • Take a look at your childhood, many issues that you are having in life right now, may have their origin in the past.
  • manymanymore


Its definetely not the easy way to live life, but its a rewarding one. And in my case i don´t wan´t to come back on earth again just because i was lazy and took the comfortable route.


The decision is definetely yours and I´m curious on your thoughts about this matter!

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