Failure or Regret?

I used to put doers on a pedestal, maybe because i was a dreamer and i would spend my time dwelling all day.
I think i was fascinated, by how they seem to get everything done, whatever they set their minds to.
Ever since “growing up” “doers” were intimidating to me, but at the same time i wanted to be like them. Which makes sence, since doers are so enrooted in the “real world”.
But i also missed one thing: everyone has their own shortcomings.
Even those who “seem to win” in this capitalistic time.

But what exactly do i mean by doers? I´m talking about power.

I think most people don´t want to have power. Maybe they think they want it, but in reality they don´t. They rather choose powerlessness, which enables them to complain and put all the blame on those who do.

And i´m not trying to put anyone down. I am still powerless a lot of the time, but the good thing is: Im noticing it and its pissing me off. (Those are good starting conditions, for any behaviour one would like to change)

I was doubting myself a lot. These past years i was working on myself and it seemed like i was staying behind, and not moving forward. Now i realise, that it doesn´t matter where i am carreerwise. Getting your Mind rigth is the only and ultimate thing leading to a successful life. Obviously this ist not what society tells you.

Everyone got their own truth inside them. At first it will hurt listening to your truth, but longterm you will win. Remember, you can choose everyday: Will you look at your own dirt, go through the processes necessery to wash it off of you? Or will you live a life in delusion?

I will leave you with this..

Which one is bigger?

“Fear of failure”    or    “Fear of regret”?


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